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The Business of Licensing

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The New and Complete Business of Licensing: The Essential Guide to Monetizing Intellectual Property by Greg Battersby and Danny Simon is the cutting-edge and comprehensive licensing industry book that you need to stay up to date with the complexities of licensing today.

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Table of Contents

The Business of Licensing includes 23 exhaustive chapters and appendices to cover all your licensing questions, including contracts and forms so that everything you need to navigate the licensing process is included. The table of contents includes:

  1. Defining the World of Licensing
  2. History of Licensing
  3. The Licensing Industry Today
  4. The License Agreement
  5. Compensation and Royalty Rates
  6. Identifying and Clearing Licensing Properties
  7. Selecting the Right License for Your Products
  8. The Licensor-Licensee Relationship
  9. Licensing Agents and Consultants
  10. The Retailer’s Role in Licensing
  11. Best Practices for Licensors
  12. Best Practices for Licensees
  13. Marketing and Promoting Licensing Properties and Licensed Products
  14. Protecting Licensing Properties
  15. International Licensing
  16. International Intellectual Property Protection
  17. Battersby’s Rules on Licensing
  18. Simon Says About Licensing
  19. Ethics and Social Compliance
  20. Most Common Mistakes in Licensing
  21. Special Considerations for Different Types of Properties/Products
  22. Accounting, Auditing and Tax Considerations
  23. Dealing With Infringers and Counterfeiters

We want to provide all our readers with a comprehensive overview of the various facets of licensing. We write with our decades of experience to provide clear and precise information, whether you’re a licensor or licensee.