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About Kent Press

Kent Press is an imprint of Kent Communications, Ltd., a Connecticut based publisher that specializes in licensing and intellectual property topics. It currently publishes Licensing Tales, The Business of Licensing and an earlier series called the Basics of Licensing which has 3 editions. Kent Press has also published The Toy & Game Inventors Guide, A Primer on Licensing, Licensee Survival Guide, Guide to License Artwork, Trademarks for Entrepreneurs and the Essentials of Technology and Patent Licensing.
Kent is a content provider to two of the major legal publishers--Wolters Kluwer and Thomas Reuters/West, editing two monthly journals, The IP Litigator and the Licensing Journal, and creating and updating a host of books in the IP and licensing arena including The Law of Merchandise & Character Licensing, Licensing Royalty Rates, Multimedia & Technology License Agreement Forms; License Agreements: Forms and Checklists; Patent and Trademark Disputes; Drafting Internet Forms; and Licensing Update.